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Name:The H/D Prophet : Harry/Draco News
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Harry/Draco News

Welcome to the [community profile] hd_prophet! The HDP is here to provide you with links and recommendations to the best in fics, art, discussion, and everything else that you can possibly think of in relation to Harry and Draco.

Why another H/D comm? Well, for such a large, wide-reaching ship it can be hard to locate what you might be looking for. This will serve as a place for that, without having to wade through the general daily newsletters.

Do you have H/D news you'd like to share? Please email us at Please note that inclusion is at the editors' discretion.

Membership to the [community profile] hd_prophet is limited to the maintainers and editorial staff. If you are interested in watching the [community profile] hd_prophet, you may friend the community.

Who runs the show?

OWNER: [community profile] legomymalfoy

EDITORS: [personal profile] sassy_cissa, [personal profile] jamie2109, [personal profile] sesheta_66, [personal profile] capitu


What sort of stuff will be included?

Fan fiction, fan art, graphics, downloads, essays, videos, role-playing games, discussions, polls, icons. And other H/D media, at the editors' discretion.

PLEASE NOTE: This newsletter is not a general round up of H/D fic and art. Every item will be included at the discretion of the editors. Fic and art included are recommendations only.

What will NOT be included? (Borrowed with permission from [profile] rhr_daily)

Ship-bashing essays
Rants that name specific people or groups of people
Photomanipulations of movie kids in sexually suggestive scenarios
Fic with poor spelling, grammar, or plot issues
Fic that is only 'pretending' to be Harry/Draco but is really another ship in disguise
Icon posts with less than 1/2 Harry/Draco content (editor discretion)
Friendslocked posts
Anything that violates LJ's TOS

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